Region VI CRC 2021 

April 29th thru May 1st

ALI Course - Designing for Cold Climates

Frank J. Mills, C.Eng., Fellow CIBSE, Fellow ASHRAE

Wednesday, April 28 - 1:00 - 4:00 pm - Virtual Only

This course is based on the new ASHRAE Cold-Climate Buildings Design Guide, which enables engineers to develop design strategies and solutions that can be successfully applied in cold climates. There are several special considerations for cold climates: remoteness, HVAC function (the need for maintenance, repairs, etc.), fuels, high energy use, low humidity, freeze protection, and more.

Net zero energy and sustainability goals also pose special challenges for engineers in cold climates. Net zero energy can be especially difficult in an environment that requires large amounts of heating energy. Sustainability is tough to plan in the face of a delicate and shifting landscape; plans may be affected by climate change and other man-made influences.

This course focuses onto applications in cold climates and deals with the specific issues relevant to this climate. The material covers health and safety in cold climates and how to achieve energy-efficient and net zero design in these environments. Also discussed are passive systems and applications (such as natural ventilation in places where external air is subzero) and hybrid passive and mechanical heating and ventilation applications.

Frank Mills, C.Eng., Fellow CIBSE, Member ASHRAE is the president/owner of Frank Mills Consulting, which specializes in design, management, supervision, construction, and operation of building services engineering projects, including education, healthcare/hospitals, research, industrial, process, commercial, retail, computer/data suites, shopping centers (including town centers), and residential (housing, hotels, and apartment buildings).  These projects offer low energy features and include several exemplary zero carbon buildings.  The schemes also include district energy/trigeneration systems which serve numerous buildings.  Mr. Mills has worked closely with the Building Research Establishment (BRE) in the United Kingdom and with ASHRAE TC 2.8, Sustainability, as the committee’s international representative, to create new environmental design and rating systems that aid developers and their designers toward low carbon and environmentally friendly projects.  He pioneered the new BREEAM Communities environmental rating system for whole-scale phased developments by using Media City, Salford, UK, as a pilot study for the development work behind this new scheme.  When chairman of the ASHRAE Region-at-Large, Mr. Mills was actively involved in planning the 2009 Chapter Region Council meeting and conference in Kuwait.  There, he also organized a session on low carbon and sustainable cities and presented the Media City, UK case study project.  He is also the presenter for ASHRAE Learning Institute courses on natural ventilation and net zero energy buildings


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