Region VI CRC 2021 

April 29th thru May 1st

Technical Session 2 - Existing Building Cx Process

Bill Dean, P. Eng, ASHRAE Vice President

Friday, April 30 - 9:15 - 10:15 am

In 2005 ASHRAE published Guideline 0 The Commissioning Process. Subsequently a series of Guidelines and Standards were developed to cover the related aspects of commissioning (Cx) that cover different Cx processes and different applications including HVAC&R systems. These are all covered in the Standard 300 series of documents.

ASHRAE Guideline 0.2 Existing Building Commissioning Process covers the steps required to properly commission an existing system or assembly of any type. It was intended to be a comprehensive document that could be applied universally by any subject matter expert. Guideline 1.2 Technical Requirements for HVAC Systems and Equipment is the first document to detail the technical aspects for commissioning the HVAC systems that ASHRAE is famous for.

This presentation will introduce you to the Existing Building Commissioning Process and Technical Requirements, it will explain why they are different from new building commissioning and how it transitions to Ongoing Commissioning.

Bill Dean, P.Eng. began his professional career after graduating in Mechanical Engineering doing HVAC consulting with a Saskatoon based engineering firm that completed many high-profile projects in Western Canada. Bill recognized that good engineering design was an iterative process with the lessons-learned and improvements made being applied to the next project not the last ones. In 1991 the National Research Council of Canada’s Plant Biotechnology Institute hired Bill and he began to apply his experience in building design and energy efficiency to that Facility and make the iterative improvements to optimize the operations of that building.

In 1999 Bill was part of an NRC/PBI team that successfully procured federal and provincial grant funding to build a new laboratory wing. Bill was engaged in the design of the building including learning best practices from leaders in the international scientific community in both the private and public sectors. The NRC building continues to be a leader in the application of innovative solutions to laboratory facilities.

In 2012 Bill became a Regional Manager in charge of all laboratory facilities in Western Canada. This included big science sites from Astronomy to Nanotechnology. Bill attributes his ASHRAE regional and society level activities in preparing him for the role of motivating and supervising professionals remotely and ensuring that they communicate with their local leaders and the central management team. Bill retired from NRC in April 2019.

Parallel to his engineering career Bill has been active locally, regionally and internationally with ASHRAE. He is a past chair of TC 2.2 Plant and Animal Environment Committee and has contributed to ASHRAE Handbook Chapters that deal with best practices in the design and operation of growth rooms, phytotrons and greenhouse facilities. He is the author of two chapters and a content editor for the next edition of the Cold Climate Buildings Design Guide. He chaired the committees that developed two ASHRAE Guidelines on the Commissioning of Existing Buildings, Guidelines 0.2 and 1.2. He has been a speaker at ASHRAE Annual and Winter Conferences and made presentations at Chapter meetings and Chapters Regional Conferences. After 39 years of service to the ASHRAE community, Bill was nominated and elected as an ASHRAE Vice-President in July 2019. In his role as VP he has consulted to the Canadian government on reopening of buildings using the ASHRAE ETF protocols. Bill has been presented the ASHRAE Regional Award of Merit, Distinguished Service Award and Exceptional Service Award.

Bill is married with three adult children and ten grandchildren. In his spare time Bill is an avid golfer and plays hockey in an Adult Safe Hockey League. He just completed a major renovation of his backyard and will be continue landscape development to compliment the hardscaping that was done. During the COVID lockdown this winter he renovated a bathroom. Bill is a regular visitor to the Hawaiian Islands where he looks for inspiration for his gardens and his golf game. Bill plans to start travelling again once the pandemic is under control.


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